Three tips to keep yourself from home security camera hackers

home security camera

Nowadays, you can purchase a home security camera for under $100. These devices are becoming a lot more common in an effort to defend against porch pirates and usually safeguard personal property. What occurs when the cameras that proprietors use for security pose a burglar risk towards the owner?

It sounds a bit disturbing — the thought that someone could be watching you through your security camera without your knowledge. Fortunately, there are things you can do to greatly reduce your risk of having your security camera hacked. Here are a few tips to help lower your chances.

1. Change Your Password

Do you ever give your WiFi password to friends, neighbors, or guests who visit your home? Instead, create a “guest” network.

Change your Wi-Fi password every several weeks, and employ random and different passwords that might be hard to breach through brute pressure attacks.

home security camera Avoid using the same password across different accounts. Is your security camera password the same as your email, Facebook, or online banking password? If so, you’re greatly increasing your risk of a security breach. For your surveillance camera (and all of your accounts, really), use a password that’s different from the one you use for any other account. Of course, avoid any personal info in your password, like birthdays, kids’ names, anniversaries, etc. Your password should be completely random.
Use two-factor authentication to further secure your account if it’s available.
Consider using a reputable and secure password manager. These programs provide unique and secure individual passwords for each of your accounts, while also storing your passwords with high security protocol in place to protect them.

2. Purchase from sources you trust

It may be tempting to purchase a $10 home security camera from auction site, in order to purchase a cheap used home security camera. But, this isn’t always the best. Purchase a new camera from the well-known store.

Even when you’re buying a new product, make sure you’re familiar with the company that will be managing the corresponding application for your camera. Check out reviews for the app, see if the company has had a serious problem with security breaches in the past, and if so, what they’ve done to correct that problem.

Don’t consider a security camera like a one-and-done transaction in which you purchase the camera, and your transaction is finished. Consider it just like a mobile phone, in which the company matters nearly as much as the device.

3. Perform Firmware updates

Don’t ignore those firmware updates, because they are made to fix problems. A few of the problems the update is made to fix might actually be associated with security.

Don’t know if there’s a firmware update available? Check the camera’s app, and look under sections like “device,” “settings,” or “about” to see if a firmware update is available. Most camera manufacturers will also tell you information about the most recent firmware update on their website, as well as how to install it.

And did we say change your password? Change your password.




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