The Differences between WiFi Repeater, Booster, and Extender

The Differences between WiFi Repeater, Booster, and Extender

Do you want to extend your WiFi coverage but you don’t know which special hardware will help you with it? Now, let’s take a look at the differences between WiFi Booster, WiFi extender, and WiFi Repeater.

About a WiFi Repeater or WiFi Extender

Actually, we can slightly know about the functions of those devices by their name. A lot of sources we have checked don’t really differentiate between WiFi repeater and a WiFi range extender. If you check in Wikipedia, it describes them as a repeater of wireless which also sometimes known as wireless range extender that takes a signal that exists from a wireless access point or wireless router and rebroadcast it to make another network.

The key word there is that it makes another network. So, it means that all devices beyond the first network’s reach can make another one and will still have the connection. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of it is that the bandwidth is cut in half by it.

In a technical way of speaking, a repeater only repeats the signal with no modification to it, instead of in the reality, it can also boost it. So, it means that a WiFi repeater also has a function as a booster. The definition we take from the Repeater Store is that a WiFi extender or repeater is used for extending the WiFi network’s coverage area. The way it works is by getting your WiFi signal that exists, amplifying it, and after that transferring the signal that is already boosted.

There are two routers built in a repeater into a device. The first router is the one which the amplified signal is transferred to and the second router is the one which chooses the original signal. Using single band repeaters, it can lead more than a half percent loss for the bandwidth due to the device uses identical channel to get and retransmit subsequently every packet of data. Meanwhile, using dual-band repeaters will decrease the bandwidth loss (even though the loss still will happen) since the first channel is used for the user and the second one is used for communication within the devices.

The best recommendation we can give you when you want to buy Wi-Fi booster, WiFi extender, or WiFi repeater is that don’t judge by the brand. Read the specs of the device instead and it is your call to decide the best one.

About WiFi Booster

This is might be a surprise for you: a WiFi booster can also increase the signal! So, it means that WiFi booster is also WiFi signal booster too. Talking about the definition, it is probably difficult to find the exact meaning of a Wi-Fi Booster. But we already get the closest and most reliable definition of it from a commercial company called as Signal Booster which works in the booster business.

So, based on that company’s definition, a WiFi signal booster can extend the coverage space of WiFi network by amplifying or boosting the signals that already exist. Pay attention with the keyword: amplify. That word implies a booster can turn poor signal becomes something better you can connect to all your devices.




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