Screen Mirroring: How to Connect Your Phone or Tablet to Your TV

Screen Mirroring

Are you currently keen to learn how to connect your phone to some TV?

While smartphone screens have grown to be bigger over the past few years, they're still relatively small for any satisfying viewing experience. Furthermore, you might encounter a period when you have to enlarge your phone's screen without counting on a good TV or streaming.

If you are unsure how you can connect your phone to some TV, don't be concerned. I will highlight how to be able to enjoy viewing content around the giant screen instead of on the 4 or 5-inch smartphone or small tablet display. Continue reading for details.

What is Screen Mirroring?
Screen mirroring is an excellent way to easily and wirelessly stream media content from your phone or tablet straight to your TV.

Well, this is where the display on your smartphone is 'mirrored' so that it appears exactly the same on your TV screen. You can get special devices that you can plug into your TV in order to enable screen mirroring and connect your phone to TV wirelessly.

You can use the screen mirroring HDMI WIRELESS DISPLAY RECEIVER or other similar devices.

How to Connect Your Android Device to a TV

  • Use HDMI cable: If you have a TV with an HDMI port you can simply use an HDMI cable to connect a phone to TV. Simply plug the micro-USB into your phone's microUSB port and the HDMI connector into the port on your TV or your set-top box. You may have to use your TV remote to change the input before you see your Android screen mirrored.
  • MHL/Slimport: In order to connect your Android tablet screen or phone to TV you can also use an MHL or Slimport adapter. These work by converting the signal between your device and the TV in order to make it HDMI compatible. These simply plug into your micro-USB port on the device.
  • Use a wireless device: Using a wireless device such as the HDMI WIRELESS DISPLAY RECEIVER will enable you to connect your phone to TV using screen mirroring and your Wi-Fi connection.





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