How to Extend WiFi Range in a Simple Way: WiFi Range Extender

How to Extend WiFi Range in a Simple Way: WiFi Range Extender

Are you in a quest to find the simple way of how to extend WiFi range? We are going to show you two bigger pictures to do it.

How is WiFi Range Extender Works?

One of the simplest ways of how to extend WiFi range is by using a WiFi range extender. The product can repeat your wireless signal that already exists, providing you a better and more powerful range of WiFi without using any cables. As an internet extender or network extender, you should put the WiFi range extender halfway between the area you get weak reception and existing router for the best result.

There are two categories of product which you can use. First, a lot of routers support the WDS or Wireless Distribution System. It allows you to make a single wireless network extender in your home with a powerful range. There are two modes that wireless extender can work with.

The first mode is wireless repeating in which wireless clients can join and the wireless signal is repeated. But unfortunately, in some people’s experience, it was quite difficult to set up WDS, especially if the router manufacturers are not the same. Meanwhile, the second mode is wireless bridging. It can create a direct link. It will not allow the connection from wireless clients. This mode is perfect in the business including joining two different buildings become one using the same network.

Wireless Access Points

A better way to extend your wireless range besides using WiFi booster, internet extender, and outdoor WiFi extender is a secondary router or a dedicated wireless access point. You should connect it to your main router by a physical network that is wired. It can resolve the speed and latency issue.

You can use the same security key and network name on your new access point by using this method with your existing router. It provides you with one wireless network that is seamless only with devices connecting to the wireless access point with the most powerful signal. You should use various channels on every access point for the best result to avoid interference.

WiFi Booster Best Buy

One of WiFi booster best buy of the wireless access point is a HomePlug. You only need to plug it into the main socket which you want to extend your network of wireless to. And then, by using Ethernet, you need a normal, second HomePlug adaptor to be connected to your router. Communication between the new access point and your main router takes place over the power cables of your home.

You can try this method since it is a perfect way to reuse it. One of the examples is by replacing the old router to the new one, providing you with more excellent performance. And you should put the second router to help you extend the wireless range. In every case, you do the same steps in using an access point.Before you buy, you should think about wifi booster reviews.

We hope that we can answer how to extend WiFi range either in your home or office. Good luck!




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