How Smartwatches can make us health


The phrase healthy life has altered multifold in the past couple of years. The idea of ‘lifestyle diseases’ makes another space within the medical world. Illnesses like diabetes, weight problems, high bloodstream pressure, are occurring more common cold. The sufferers will likely undergo regular health checkups to have their organs going. An unpredicted and sudden alternation in the functioning of significant organs, if left unchecked could be fatal. Together with medication, regular monitoring from the vital parameters has turned into a necessity. These critical scenarios have discovered a technological solution healthy of smartwatches. These bands round the wrist usually are meant to help people to understand their wellness. Simultaneously they offer alerts to assist in getting critical conditions.

What smartwatches do to make your life healthy

Smartwatches often have integrated all the functionality we used to have on our fitness trackers. Health-related benefits include tracking your heart rate, sleep quality and time, activity and overall fitness level.

Hours Slept and Sleep Quality – Sleep measurement is possible with the Accelerometer, Gyro, and Heart Rate monitors on the smartwatch. Different manufacturers use different algorithms for tracking sleep time and quality with different levels of success. The better ones are in my experience able to very well know when I have fallen asleep and woken up.

Heart Rate measurement – Smartwatches nowadays quite often come with heart rate monitors that can measure your heart rate from the wrist. Measuring your heart rate has many benefits. It allows you to track your heart rate during exercises allowing you to keep in a zone that’s increasing your fitness level. Another benefit is that heart rate measurement connected to Artificial Intelligence might be able to accurately detect specific types of abnormal heart rhythms.

Your resting heart rate measurement is also an indication of your general fitness level and some devices even so your fitness age based on your measurements.

ECG or electrocardiogram is a feature which is starting to be available on some smartwatches. It gives you more accurate heart rate measurements and gives more data for detecting possible heart-related problems.

Blood Pressure measurement is an entirely new feature for smartwatches.

Step counter, pretty much standard stuff for smartwatches and fitness trackers to measure your step count and notify you when you reach your daily step goal.

Calories, burnt calories estimation is quite common on smartwatches and it’s calculated based on your activity like steps and logged activity like running and the measurements during those activities.

Sports features, many smartwatches allow you to initiate activity tracking for your walks, runs, cycling, swimming, Strength training etc. CK11C is very well known for its multisport smartwatches and they have highly accurate measurements on sports activities.




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