AMAZING Six Steps To Cutting Your Expensive Cable TV Bill

AMAZING Six Steps To Cutting Your Expensive Cable TV Bill

Hi, I really want to get rid of my huge cable TV bill and would like to know what my options on streaming TV services are. I'm new to this whole cord-cutting thing people are doing to sever their ties with cable TV service, but I'm not too sure where to begin and what is best for me. I have high-speed internet and I'd like to get a glimpse into your personal setup at home and any recommendation that you may have. And if you have any do's and don'ts about cutting the cable TV cord, I'd love to hear them too.

Here are six things you can do to lower that cable bill:

1. Assess what you watch: Get rid of extras, downsize your plan
Make a list of the channels that are must-haves to help you narrow down what you really need or want. There's a good chance you can drop down to a smaller, less expensive cable package and still get most of the channels you need.

2. Examine those extra fees
Take a look at your cable bill and examine each of the fees. Some of the fees and taxes are required but some could be cut back.

3. Skip the two-year contracts
Yes, the pricing can be very attractive. Consumers will usually pay as much or more compared to a plan without contracts. Also, if your service is poor enough you want out, most cable companies will require you pay an early termination fee.

4. Call your cable company and negotiate
If your bill still isn't what you want, contact a customer service representative at your cable provider. Check out the latest deals that they are offering to new subscribers and compare them to what you’re currently paying.

5. Consider a leap to streaming services
If calling and negotiating with your cable provider doesn’t produce the results you want, consider cutting the cord and check out streaming services.

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